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mark Richardson...Met you at the market. Love these peppers. Would like a gourmet variety added (red, green, black, white) as an option. I would buy it every time. Nevertheless, Kampot pepper is the best in the world, I say.

‎Shanly F... Quite possibly the most beautiful pepper I have ever tasted - makes everything delicious. Oh and the grinder is incredible.


Doug L... I have found Kampot pepper a really versatile condiment that adds an essential flavour to such meats as pork, beef and lamb. For me I like medium ground Kampot Pepper sprinkled over a medium-rare cooked beef steak or a lamb chop. Finely ground Kampot Pepper powdered over lightly fried fish and a squeeze of lemon does it for me. The more coarsely ground Kampot Pepper I like to crunch on in a stew or meat and veggie soup.

catriona m... I gifted some gorgeous Kampot pepper to my step mum. She prides herself in the kitchen and was thrilled with the product. 'My salad dressing took on a whole new dimension with the fragrant, spicy pepper.' This is a hit for a Christmas, especially if you add a beautiful pepper grinder with it :)

Thomas Cassa - Chef... White Kampot pepper has a uniform creamy colour and an earthy aroma. It is a perfect choice in sauces and flavouring for many recipes where the black colour might be objectionable. Kampot can be paired with strong tasting foods such as crab and clams to add heat, and tone down high flavours. Even though White Kampot has a distinctly strong aroma, it does not influence the flavour of most dishes. Rather, soups, sauces, and stews are given plenty of heat and spice. If you are cooking hot Mexican or Spanish dishes, these peppercorns will easily enhance the flavour of hot peppers and other distinctive spices. You can also use it in hot chilli, clam sauce, and chowder. Aside from that if you enjoy spicy fried chicken or extra hot western omelettes, I simply cannot do without Kampot White peppercorns, since it will bring out the flavour of blender ingredients and add their own earthy flavour. For me the best in his category. 

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