WELCOME TO Pepper and Pearls

Selling the WORLDS FINEST KAMPOT PEPPERCORNS, condiments and cultured pearls.

Pepper and Pearls offers: Kampot Peppercorns, Acacia hardwood grinders,  Gift Packs & Cultured Pearls                

Jonny Ocean Trading offers: Kampot Peppercorns, Acacia hardwood grinders,
Mortar & Pestles, Convenient Figt Packs & Local Olive Oil

"It's got a floral dimension
that's really something special"

Anthony Bourdain, chef and travel show host

An ethical business trading in high quality, exotic products that pays local farmers in developing countries
an equitable price for the highest quality and unique natural products.


Currently importing KAMPOT peppercorns from Cambodia and Cultured pearls from Vietnam.